first date in belize

Yes, I said first date. I wasn’t going to share that little detail but how could I leave it out when I’m encouraging other Gyspsoul contributors to give us all their details? Anyways, I had been in communication with a gentleman for a couple of months when he told me he was going to Belize and asked if I would join him there for our first date. I said yes because I felt safe and looking forward to meeting him face-to-face.

What a trip! It was a combination of tropical and rainforest, which made packing a bit complicated but that’s certainly not a complaint.

Looks like a mojito enjoyed at an Oceanside pub on a beautiful day. Warm water and endless views of boats, restaurants, and people on ‘island time.’


This was the view from the condo.

Common means of transportation.

Golf carts and bicycles on tight streets zipping and dashing around everywhere. This road is considered primo! Most are bumpy, and that’s an understatement. Infrastructure in Belize is not very good but nobody seems to notice.

Time to say goodbye to the beach scene and head for the rainforest! This is where we stopped along the way to eat. I was feeling a bit uneasy to eat here but had little choice. It was pretty good!

What was in the jar on the counter? I have no idea. Looks gross and I didn’t ask. I should have!

The back room of the “restaurant”. Scary, yes, but the food was good and we had to eat something! Maybe the fan was keeping the meat cold?? Lol…:/


The Black Rock Lodge was fabulous. There were feeding stations set up for bird to dine at. Fun to watch!

View from the deck at Black Rock.

Canoeing and feeling badass.


Occasional farms.


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