Biking at Riverside State Park

With a romantic heart, free spirit, and rose colored glasses I headed West, to Spokane Washington. Of course it was a love interest that brought me to Spokane and I soon learned that the availability of outdoor activities far exceeded those in Wisconsin. Sorry Wisconsin!

Spokane was my first experience with the west and after one visit I new it was like no other place I’d been. Wondering why, with all my travels, I hadn’t been there before! Dating a  mountain man had its advantages. Diversity with restaurants, theater, sports, and most importantly to me…energizing things to do outside that pushed me to my limits and took me to places of peace and serenity.

My companion Steve has spent much of his his life mountain biking for sport and exercise, as well as professionally. I kept up with him pretty well on the 10 mile ride through trails and hills, thankfully stopping to rest at a river.  I learned that 10 miles through a mountain is quite a bit different than biking in Wisconsin. Yes I had padded shorts on and this Trek bike ROCKED!

We were at Riverside State Park on this beautiful warm day. As soon as I saw this bridge I thought hmmmm…if I walk down I have to walk back up lol. Hey I’m in pretty good shape but if a person isn’t used to biking on a mountain, it’s a whole different game.


Steve getting the gear ready. A lesson I have learned is that gear matters.

Biking is only one activity in Riverside State Park. There’s at least 50 miles of trails to hike or bike, camping, fishing and so much more. Check out the website to see all this park offers. It’s the largest state park in Washington and loved by so many for good reason.




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