A Sliver of Wyoming’s Absorka Mountains


In need of a remote retreat, I found myself in Wyoming visiting Steve at his ranch near Meeteese, a sleepy town with a population of around 350 people. The trip was relaxing and well worth sharing a few pictures. Awe-inspiring scenery, the mules, 4-wheeling and touring with Steve provided a nice getaway. Having an expert tour guide (Steve) who knows the land was crucial because while this might look like all fun and games, the terrain is brutal, unforgiving, and the closest real civilization (hospital) is over an hour away . I learned quickly to be serious about what gear is needed to be safe when four wheeling at 12,000 feet, hiking, and driving through the mountains. This picture was taken at about 7000 feet and the weather at this elevation was still warm. Notice the bear pepper spray attached to my belt.

As we get higher in altitude the temperature drops significantly. We started at about 75-80 degrees and by the time we reached our destination, temperature had dropped to about 40 degrees.

Layers of clothing were key to staying comfortable and I was thankful to have my gear! I had a black North Face layer underneath the North Face raincoat you see below, which provided perfect wind protection. https://www.thenorthface.com/ Here’s a tip: When going to elevations of 10,000+ feet, bring thin gloves. I have a pair of thin North Face gloves I left behind because it was so warm on the ground and didn’t think I’d need them. Luckily my coat sleeves could be pulled over my hands when on the 4 wheeler. Another tip: Don’t forget Chapstick!

Counter Assault is a bear deterrent that I was happy to have but even happier that I didn’t have to use it. It costs around $50 and can be ordered online. http://www.counterassault.com/

Swarovski makes more than gorgeous jewelry and ornaments. Apparently they’re experts in the world of binoculars and spotting scopes. Steve has their binoculars and this is his spotting scope. If you want to learn more about “DIGISCOPING”, go to http://www.swarovskioptik.com/nature/digiscoping-c2107


Back on the ranch Shirley, Limo, and Rudy are loving our attention, treats, and the free run of the land. I just love them and am secretly trying to figure out how I can get them home with me to Wisconsin. 🙂

Below is a little cabin we came across, apparently for ranch workers to sleep in while they are watching the cows. I’m not sure what this job entails, but I’m quite certain that I’m underqualified for it. There were a few big black cows walking around when we got there but they slowly walked away as we approached.


Time for a truck ride through the mountains.

At times rain was heavy and the drops were big!

My time in Wyoming was short! I’ll return someday, perhaps for a rafting trip.

If you have a Wyoming trip to share contact me via laura@gypsysoul.world!

Thanks All and have a great day.





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